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Hi There, 
FRENCH BULLDOGy is a hobby and not a breeding program nor a business. There maybe one to two liters a year of freinds and family. This can be as little as 0 to as many as 6 (so far) puppies at a time. I do this for the locals (referring people who are interested in a puppy to liters that I'm aware of). The reason is that, when I wanted my first French Bulldog I had to order her from Hungary. I wanted to get a local Frenchy but there weren't any. 
Many people have wanted a Frenchy but they would have to fly far away, or take the chance of getting cheated on line by scammers. I heard many nightmare stories of people not getting a puppy they paid for or ending up with a sickly puppy. Their hearts were broken and pockets empty. HOW TERRIBLY PAINFUL. I was lucky I did get my angel and she was wonderful. I can see how people would want to go the extra mile and take the chance, just as I did, to get a French Bulldog of quality.
Time went by and I wanted another. I loved my girl so much I decided I wanted one of her puppies. I bred her and she had 3 beautiful (including a rare reverse brindle) angels. After 3 tries, might I add?  Her puppies were so beautiful that when seen by the public they were irresistable. I was so happy to see the joy in the new owners faces and the thrill in their hearts that I wanted to do it again. As New Parents would come for their babies I felt a sense of completeness I can only describe as spiritual in some strange way. It was as if the puppies called their families. On a bitter sweet note: I ended up homing the 3 puppies to WONDERFUL families locally and I still didn't have my 2nd puppy from Frenchy.
Then the worse imaginable happened, my angel died from as accident in the yard. A tragic day I will never forget. Her name was "Frenchy" and the loss was and still is unbearable.
Frenchy taught me much about who I' am and she brought great joy to 3 wonderful homes. 
I'm very fond of the breed and have learned much about them. I have met some wonderful people. I have met some great breeders. I have made friends and I consider my Frenchy my best friend. I have also met some shady breeders and learned much through the good and the bad. I have discovered the pros and the cons of the breed, what to look for for a successful pack relationship (very important if you are going to have more then one French Bulldog). If you have any questions please shoot me an email. I maybe able to answer your question if not I can refer you to someone else who can.  
If you are unsure about a deal you maybe considering, remember if it is too good to be true then go with just that, "It is too good to be true." 
A full blooded frenchy will cost above $1600. Anything below that price should come with an explenation. ex:  puppy mill overstock, sick, mixed, no papers, time of year, family/freind, age, .....Remember in all fairness it could be a good reason. Not always bad. But go in person to get that angel.
Good Luck and may you find the frenchy in you, as I did, in me. 
Now go get your baby!  He/she is waiting!
NOTE:  I haven't a kennel. 

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