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"RUBY" Mini French BullDog from the Philipines.  Parents pictured above.
Peach Pie.
She is White with Honey Pied. 
Her pedigree includes:
 Imogenes and Daystar  
She is a White with Brindle Pied. She is a little Cobby girl from Hungary, and she is always hungry, go figure.  She has tons of character.
Notice she is trying to steal the tea? How she slyly try's to distract us with one of her many cute facial expressions. She can charm the pants off a leprechaun.
"Beware Frenchy owners!"
Ruby's Sire Champion of Philipines.
Ruby's Dam Champion of Philipines.
**The dogs listed above are co-owned or referrals and may not live with me or owned by me.

with Lou.Peach Pie is very loving. Needs a home with a friend that is not too hyper.  Prefer mellow Frenchie freind. She is a lap dog and must be allowed on the couch & a nice window view. Thats what she wanted me to post so........ 
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Click here to see Dottie's pedigree.
Dottie was mistaken for an easter egg...silly rabbit.
Peachs and Dottie are waiting for droppings in the kitchen. 
Dottie is Retired and found a home with a great lady and her family.
Ruby Pie