Good Times with Frenchys.

My Frenchys, rare fancy reverse brindle. Isn't she beautiful? Her name is Sydney.
Frenchys son Spike, Isn't he georgous. He is the reverse brindles liter mate. (Sydney).
This is my cat Bunny. He was stollen 5/23/2010.  His freind Hercules was last seen 1/13/2010. also. Both my cats are gone. Taken by some cruel evil individual/s. I'm offering a HUGE REWARD for the arrest and conviction of the cat theif/s.  It is suspected that he is in Saratoga with an older (60'ish) lady who is known to be a cat horder, on her estate. 
(2 older women were seen in the area asking questions about them.)
Dottie as a baby..
Now lives in San Ramon
in her forever home.
Peach Pie just relaxing
Now lives in her forever home
Bunny Boy Stolen May of 2010 REWARD being offered. He is a male Selkirk Rex Cat and the theifs will know that and will know his age, since I posted it.
<       Ethyl    >
Little Ruby
Little Ruby and
a puppy,sleeping.
(The puppy is bigger then Ruby.)

Dottie of course and Ethyle
Gemini got stung by a bee. Not happy.
Peach Pie wants to live in the mountains were she can look out, this is in Cool California.
NOTE:   The dogs pictures above are those of freinds/family and do not necessarily live with me nor do I own or have ever owned them.
Honky Tonka.
Hanky Panky (Hank) Studd.
A true ladies man.
Peach Pie Couch Dog

Max, Hanky Pankys son.
    Peach Pie               Dinky      Dottie       Ethyl.
Good Times
Showing off their  new harnesses, Oh no,  Hanky blinked.
Ruby takes a break. -------->

Dotties Baby Picture that stole my heart.

Honky he lives in San Francisco with the best couple ever!!! Thank You for loving him.

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Hurcules is still missing